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A Recycling Program for Colorado

Altogether Recycling’s™ commitment to the Colorado community, economy and environment is reflected in its dedication to the latest recycling technology. Our customers receive the most convenient and comprehensive recycling program available in Colorado today.

With our partners, Altogether Recycling™ allows for maximum landfill diversion of waste, while seeking outlets for our commodities with end users along the Front Range, putting those commodities right back to use in our community.

What's New at Altogether Recycling
Please Take a Moment to Understand Items NOT Accepted in the Recycling Stream:

* Needles or Syringes
* Plastic Bags - Cut your bags open to dump material into bin if possible.
* NO OTHER METALS other than Tin and Aluminum Cans
* Batteries

Environmental Impact Statements Offered by Alpine!

Alpine Waste & Recycling is now weighing every pound of material that is picked up in its entire fleet.  What this means is that Alpine's customers have the opportunity to recieve an environmental report outlining their sustainability footprint.  This is a one-of-a-kind system for Denver.  Check it out at


Alpine Waste & Recycling 2015 Recycle Pick-up Calendar's are Here!  **These are only for Alpine Waste & Recycling Residential Customers**

2015 Shaded Customer Calendar

2015 Un-Shaded Customer Calendar


Altogether Program Sustainability Statistics

Resource Last Month Year-To-Date 2014 Totals
Landfill space saved (cubic yards)


68,458 191,481
Gallons of gasoline conserved 115,956 458,939 1,283,671
Kilowatt hours of electricity conserved 20,502,953 81,148,124 226,974,378
Trees Conserved 82,136 325,082 909,267
Gallons of water conserved 33,820,500 133,857,308 374,403,960
Gallons of oil conserved 2,236,985 8,853,705 24,764,148


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Follow the adventures of Al Duckether as he navigates the equipment of the Altogether Recycling plant with a hungry crocodile on his tail.
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